Monday, January 28, 2008

Pastors. . . What do you think

Pastors have you taken a moment to re-evaluate yourself and other pastors and clergy? With every click of the mouse you can read so much info concerning actual facts in our times. These facts agree almost not given a second in any church. We really do not see pastors standing up to speak about the times as they really are. What pastors do is search for sins in ordinary people's lives. Pointing out people's sins is appearing to be the most important process for a good many pastors today.

Secondary seems to be this continuing trend that the Bible is a gt rich quick book or a few short steps to happiness guide.

Thirdly church has become an entertainment center with competition to out do a neighbor church.

Somehow any Bible will do just find one that you like and it is God's word.

So many signs so many prophecies of these days and still so many of us seem to go on as if there will be many tomorrows.

Pastors when will you act like you are called by God and so prepare his people for his soon return. I know you must think you are doing this, problem is this whole idea the Christians love truth boggles the mind to the truth that is so available but ignored by Christians.

Some things that are well documented but never heard in church are the chemtrails. Diseases that are manufactured to kill masses of people. Concentration camps designed for mainly Christians. We are so easily steered away from truth by calling something a conspiracy theory that we completely at as though life is exactly as we see it not as what it is or reported to be.

Plan is to kill off 5 billion people, but we sing lovely songs and listen to pastor tell us how we can get God to give us more prosperity. Only thing we say about the coming days is we won't be here so who ever is left they deserve it. There are major religion with main goals of creating a one world religion. Christian church are supporting this too so you as a pastor why haven't you taken time to see what you are supporting is really of God or not.

Major Christian groups are so thoroughly connected to Freemasons and yet not a peep about this by pastors as the speak on Sunday mornings or anytime else. We fight hard for presidential candidates but spent no time at all looking into their Freemason status.

Prophecies abound that say God is against pastors and the time has come to do something about it. The Bible talks of a forth level of disobedience and the results of this in Lev 26. We are in the 4Th level today.

Pastors don't you know you are living in the Last Days and this means you are a Last Days' Christian and that no other time in history has had a time like we are now going into. The Apostles are said to have turned the world upside down, I tell you God is about to turn the world right side up and you do not have a clue.

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