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Should I attend churches that are hateful?

Should I attend churches that are hateful?
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I am writing to ask should I sit under and attend churches were gays are critised so much and condemned. Some of the things these preachers teach can be quite hatefull and yet still the anointing shows up and people get saved and filled with the spirit is this god or a false spirit.
I am straight but am convinced that god saves all, but I can't understand how god blessed the work of preachers who can be so hateful surely the ministers aren't blessed because the hate they preach is god. Please advise as I am praying to be baptized in the spirit but dont want to be prayed for by someone who god is not blessing  because they preach hate of others.
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Yes it is difficult to understand why God blesses so many churches. However, he is faithful to his promises and where 2 or more are gathered then he is in the mist of them. On the other hand we have prophecies that that show as many as 2/3 will turn their backs on Jesus. Most likely because soon messengers will go forth with power from God. Many saints in the past has prayed for answers for the torment cause to them by the Church with no real sign that God answered. But God reserved the day for his answers. This is a 1260 day period that starts at the first day of the TRIB. There are 38,000 Christian denominations. We are free to worship in just about any way we want and like.

Often going to a church that is more free of hate doctrines seem to back away from otherwise correct doctrines and worship practices. It seems church that don’t hate seem to feel Acts Chapter Two doesn’t exist. If you can handle the redneck doctrines sitting in an Acts ch 2 church is ok. I make that attempt from time to time, but because I feel call to preach on TV on these issues when I go to try to worship I end up sending emails that at best would not help me to have a good experience at the otherwise great church. I tell myself just go worship, but never happens I must attempt to point out problems I see. Jesus is about to return and it seems like these otherwise wonder churches are playing games as though Jesus won’t return for quite some time.  Again, it is prophetic, the CHURCH has to give the final approval so anti-christ can be dictator of the world. Once that approval is given anti-christ can kill the TWO Witness then declare himself god. The coming move of God is to send out restorers to the 2/3 that turned their backs on Jesus. Jesus does not want to lose even one of them so. They will think they have no chance to come back to Jesus, but many will receive the restorers.

For me I need to do my TV thing (nearly 2000 TV programs and this week I was even on 5 times praise the Lord also 24/7 online). It will be hard to find a good place to worship but there are lots of church that are plenty ok. Just typing gay friendly church will locate them if you are looking for a church that won’t condemn gays, but they probably won’t be into Acts ch 2.

You can receive the Baptism just by asking Jesus to do it. It can happen before you finish a couple words of  your prayer or it might take much pleading and whining to Jesus and time. I say whining because King David begged the Lord while his son was yet alive, but finally the son died so he got up and went back to business. Sometimes faith is needed and so having hands laid on often works, it is still Jesus baptizing not the one laying on hands. At the end on my TV programs I give the opportunity to be baptized it is one of the things I always add before signing off. Sometimes touching something as a faith to a prayer so right now touch the sentence I pray for you to be baptized. “Paul Ward BE BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT IN JESUS NAME!” 

It is very possible you are already Baptized and just are not acting on it. Being baptized in the Holy Spirit is no magic and the Holy Spirit will not just zap you to speak. He can and might at times. But not all and maybe even most Christian do not have a dramatic zapping and bonk they are baptized. It can be extremely deep in ecstasy in the presence and love of Jesus Christ.  You can be slain in the spirit like ka boom laid flat out on the floor jabbering in an unknown language. God likes a show and knows we do to and to see this or feel it is absolutely amazing.
BUT, again you operate in your own will and you have to will you vocal chords and mouth to speak when even you like. When you go talk to someone you have no problem just walking over and saying what  you had on your mind to say to them. Likewise at will  you can speak in tongues. You just need to speak once you got it going it will flow. Get into a private space and be a blithering fool (nobody around to hear) practice as you need to get comfortable that it is the Holy Spirit not you speaking a language you do not understand. The Holy Spirit will always 24/7 be there and he will always pray through the language Jesus gave you. You have plenty of input since being Baptized in the Holy Spirit WILL enter you into the spiritual world and now you are subject to that. Your spirit can influence, demon spirits, things that go bump in the night and who knows all that is in what you enter into.
Most Christian ignore most of the operation of the Holy Spirit and often can assume if it came out it is of God and forgo the BIBLE. Everything still is subject to the Bible. You can get very terrified and very blessed. The spirit world  does not comply to the physical world. You actually can go a trillion miles in an instant. Key  is Keep Jesus first and in mind, demons must flee, but they will take advantage of everything they can.
You can sit back like most Christian and play sing in the spirit and intercessory prayers and think that’s it and all you want, but all things that were made were made by Jesus and so all things are there and we ain’t dead yet or risen yet so we may get more than we thought we would. With the Bible first (KJV) you can balance the wonders of God. Using the Holy Spirit illegally (non-Christians) you can create working religions that have power. The Holy Spirit is also the mojo of all things like electricity plug any device into and it works. Other religions plug into the Holy Spirit and so effectively produce an effectual religion. Jesus Baptizes you in the Holy Spirit and  Bible knowledge is not a pre-condition so rednecks can  generally operate well, but often end up hurting untold millions with assuming the power of the feeling the Baptism gives you as  confirming your personal opinions is God’s opinions too.
The feeling is mainly Jesus is inside you with his personal love to sup with you that feels stronger than the comforter you get at Salvation. If you get carried away in daily work or play and maybe don’t relate to feeling Jesus presence then at any  moment you stop to feel Jesus he  is  there waiting 24/7.
Along with Baptism come gifts/talents and/or enhancements to already known gifts/talents you have. Most the time your life remains on course and is not likely to change in a major way unless they are serious issues needing repair. You most likely will  not fill stadiums and have 1000s coming to Christ as you witness. But your ministry will more meaningful at the least. Your secret prayers may move mountains for others and change a great deal of lives you will never see and never get credit for. Not to think I made any difference I assume it is coincidence. But I was as a fact the first opening gay Christian when the first chat rooms appeared on line. I was daily in several rooms at a time that had over 50 Christians. For years no other even gay person let alone a Christ gay came noticeably into the room. I was pounced upon instantly and for hours it became as it were my room because the entire conversation was to attack me and so I had the door swung wide open to witness on Bible face concerning gays and last days stuff. At the time both issues were so radically different from the church I went (Assemblies of God) but I believed what I was saying based on the Bible and so many other things I believed God showed me in my life. My estimate was 1974 it was about zero percent anything gay supporting publically and 0% on many of the prophecies for endtimes.
As the year went by I continued in those rooms daily and developed my website and went on TV and I saw supporting gay issues increasing till today it is over 50% will support gay marriage laws. The public support, court cases and everywhere were stating exactly what I had been preaching all these years and as time goes on substantial shifts in prophecies were happening too. I am surprised to hear on TV ministries prophecy preaching steering towards what I have been saying. Again I doubt I had any influence it is just amazing to hear people sounding like they are quoting me. I praise God people are seeing and understanding these issues. Whether My ministry had an effect I may never know, but that is what praying in the Spirit (tongues) is about. The Holy Knows what to pray for and there is a God ordained feature in humans praying audibly that moves mountains. The Holy Spirit uses your audible voice to pray into existence miracles. By your faith in yielding your vocal chords to the Holy Spirit mountains are moved.

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Thank you for your openness and lack of vitriol to those who have wronged you.
Keep moving forward on this lifelong journey of faith,
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