Sunday, July 22, 2012

We are the Last Generation of Christians

Hi, Happy to correspond with you on service to God through Jesus. However, should your intentions be seeking financial or material support from me I can in no way support that endeavor.  I receive many many emails from ministries seeking $$$ from me saying they like my site and ministry, but in fact are just attempting to scam me and apparently never read a page on my site. Having said that I would be very very happy minister online using my live broadcast 24/7 (free) to preach or answer questions or to correspond with answers to many questions concerning these Last Days and other Bible issues to your church or group. I do travel and if that was near you I would happily accept an invitation to preach, otherwise it is a no expenses out of my pocket regarding any invitations. I believe Jesus and the KJV Bible and I am Pentecostal. I especially believe we are human beings, we are not a book, we are individuals and if someone comes to me and their speech is has no individual qualities about who they are and only thing out of their mouths is quoting a verse or some sort of phrase ”bless you and your family” or praises or other words that make it sound like I am talking to a recording or a Robot or a Muslim,  then I am not interested in the lack  of human ness  being expressed. I do praise God and do love Jesus and I do know the Bible concerning God’s blessings. Jesus died for humans. He created us to have a personal relationship with him and others. In preaching we can teach the Bible, but in correspondence such as email it is a waste of value time and nothing can be accomplished if all that is communicated is more rhetoric that just seems like you are pretending to be a good servant of the Lord.  Over 3 billion will be killed before the Rapture so playing church is not my cup of tea. Jesus preached then healed, he baptizes with the Holy Spirit we should do this too. When Jesus talked to people he knew them and about their lives, he did not just babble out praise God, Glory to God, and may God bless you. He treated people as individuals who have a personal relationship with him. We are in high danger that will strike soon what are you doing about that? Yes let’s send our kids to Bible camp and have events to have fun, but never ever forget we are not living in yesterday with decades left and should not send out youth to be slaughtered with no armor of God or knowledge of what to expect so they can defend their selves and so keep the faith till Jesus comes.

Every message should have these things:
1) Call to Salvation (sinners prayer invitation) (explanation this starts personal relationship with Jesus).
2) Physical healing by laying on of hands.
3) Invitation to have Jesus Baptize people in the Holy Spirit (includes praising God and Jesus).
4) Reminder modern versions are satan counterfeits and Rapture includes billions are killed before it happens.
5) Water Baptism at some point after Salvation.

Not critical:
6) Non-intrusive lovegift request with no guilt attached to those that don’t give.
7) Messages on endtime. Pastors and teachers are responsible to do the best they can so their flock to survive. We live in a different age than our ancestors we are the Last General of Christians. Stop preaching like previous generations. Social issues are not to be policed. Being Born again polices one’s social life not a pastor or minister. The time ahead will dramatically change ministers preaching style and message. They will not have a choice, it will hit them as a blunt force in a day’s time. God is not concerned with churches with incorrect doctrines, just that their doors are open as many people with clamber in to lean about Jesus in those days and soon your message will adjust to that need as your old style is broken and shattered. Ministers can begin now and avoid the radical shock of sudden adjustment.  Jesus is returning and it is like birth pains this means he is not coming tonight we don’t feel much pain yet.
You wrote: (from the Philippines)
Hello Pastor John,
Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

I would like to take this time and say I thank God  for your wonderful website. I learn some of inspiring spiritual words that can empower the true identity the fullest spiritual living in our church and bring us into the next level of our spiritual foundation that will fulfill our spiritual destiny. I see God's hand upon your ministerial calling to extend your hand by spreading the word of God in HIS kingdom to our Nation Philippines without any discrimination. And would like further to tie to join with you to make the kingdom of God be whole in HIS glory and this will be a truly a great adventure of faith and prayer as well. However, We are all in a journey of God's relationship with Jesus and our prayer is that you'll see Jesus in us in the way we serve each other working together in the Lord and we pray that God will bless us all and looking to hear from you too.
So, Yes I would love to work with you and anyone that is seeking a deeper walk with Jesus and ministering in this age where we are the Last Generation of Christians before Jesus returns.

Openly Gay Pentecostal TV Preacher
since mid-1985, over 50 programs
in other countries
The Stables Ministries

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