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HAWLDAR_KURDY Muslim condemns Paul

I received in a Paltalk Chat:


God sends his massge to who to who was best good man and who have best clean heart on his time ! noah abraham moses sun of marry mohameed all profets so do you thin god sends his massge to devil man laire man dirty heart looks like paul=boles he was worst man on his time during he said he sees a light so iam saying divil showed him self to paul not god or he is a lier why

becasue god do not send his massge to lair man he sends to best man on his time but paul was worst man so how god sending his massge to him !?so paul distroed beilve of true chirstanty we beilve all profets they was best man on thrire time ! so god sending his mesge to cleanest man not to worst man look like paul !!!so u r folowing devil not sun of marry !

all profets was saying no one has the right to be worsheped exept god=allah that is mesge of profet mohameed too and all profets= mesnger of god allah ! see you , you have to care for your self one day we die, you do not pay me any thing ! hell or hevean ! see u one day !

so what profet mohaeed tole us he said all profet said no one has the right to be wroshiped exept god =allah= mesfull =the creater , moses abraham noah jusf sun of marry=jueses was profet of god we have to love him and his mother=marry too and marry was virgion too so if you bielve in that and saying one time by tong=mouth you are true bielver=muslim if any body bilves in that he or she goes to paradase for ever if any one man or women not bielve in that he or she goes to hell for ever that is bielve of all profets , he was saying= profet mohameed and that is his messge if you say and bileving in that word you go to heaven if not going to hell !

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My reply to him is:

I guess you are not too bright? It appears that you assume a lot? What I am seeing in your post is you are a drone. This means you are a programed robot by your teachers. I am really sorry that you cannot speak for yourself. I would love to hear your own personal testimony. I wonder if you work for a living. Do you go to the grocery store to buy food? Are you a boss or just an employee?

Have you gone to my website or have you watched my weekly TV programs? Recently I went on 24 hours a day 7 days a week with my TV programs. You can watch me on TV at My testimony is on my website

My research seems to keep coming up with this sort of background about Islam I am really sorry, but I am 63 years old and spent a great deal of time seeking FACTS about religions and as of now nothing has come close to showing the link I gave you about
“The Prophet” is about as close as anyone can get to how Islam came to be.

Look at yourself, let see an example of your faith. Do you have a personal relationship with Allah, if you do tell me about it. Christians can tell you about the Bible day in and day out, but they also can put the Bible down and tell you about Jesus being with them and INSIDE as a personal friend as well as Savior.

The best that Islam offer is obey the Quran and the teachers and not just any teachers, but teachers approved by Saudi Arabia’s religious leaders. You see all Islam since around the early part of the 1900s came under the educational reign of this country.

This was done because the government leadership wanted to stay in power , but the religious faction was very influential in Saudi Arabia. To overcome this the Government made a deal. The Islam leaders there would have full authority is education and they would leave the rest to the government. This country is so wealthy that educational $$$ were no in question and so this brand of Islam gain world influential authority in all Islam. It is not always public, but in fact it is the authority of what you yourself come under in all your learning materials and teachers in Islam.

One rule the is almost never disobeyed it the rule to never divulge personal life with Allah. This means you are not allowed to tell me about you as a person. What you like, what you do. I would say I work in a retail store as manager, you would say that such and such verse is not true, like above you bad mouth Paul. Jesus GOD talks to me Jesus shows me things. Some things he shows me is the Facts how and Islam was invented. Does Allah talk to you? NO he does not.

You read the Quran or a teacher tells you. Christians read the Bible and Pastors teach, but also Jesus is with Christians every day and night and is personal close friend closer than any friend ever can be. Jesus talks to us. Sometime so clear as to be like talking to any human. Others ways are difficult to explain. But Jesus lets himself be known at all times.

I have 36 years with Jesus. Do you really think you can condemn Paul and I will right away join Islam? I woke up this morning and Jesus was with me and went to work with me and help me in many things and was a companion all day and is with me now as I write to you. I do not need the Bible or a pastor because Jesus is with me. I love pastors and the Bible. When you have Jesus inside the Bible becomes living. When I go to Church or hear a preacher I receive revelation from Jesus who is inside me. It is good to meet with other Christians and wonderful to read the Bible and study it, but Jesus is with us no matter if we are in church or have a Bible we walk with him in us and beside us..

Tell me about your daily walk with Allah. Are you free to be his friend. Does Allah talk to you about what you did at work today? Did you make Allah laugh today. It is really cool when you can make your God laugh. You see Jesus is there so if you are joking and happen to say something funny and Jesus seemed to not be expecting it he will burst out laughing.

This can be embarrassing after all how can you control God, if he laughs he laughs and if you happen to be in front of people then they might think you flipped. But it is so cool to feel from with inside you and you know 100% it is not you this tremendous love and emotional response from Jesus.

I guess you really can’t understand this sort of relationship can you? Allah no matter who teaches it never ever has this sort of personal relationship that can be displayed and talked about. You are force to all the time quote a book or your teacher.

However, you have this sort of personal love. Just Pray this and believe it:

God be merciful to me a sinner! I believe Christ died on the Cross for me, that God rose him on the 3rd day, and that His Precious Blood will cleanse me from all my sins. By faith I now receive the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart as my Lord and my Savior; trusting Him for the salvation of my soul. Forgive me my sins. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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