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The part about Pentecostals visiting other churches is so true

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Gay Pentecostal Faith Healing Ministries

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gays4jesus: Who knows what humbletom wrote in the 3 comments they removed?

humbletom The part about pentacostals visiting other churches is so true. That is too funny. I still get a little loud though.

gays4jesus: Yeah, (I assume you are talking generally any Pentecostal) Hard to stay calm in a non-Pentecostal church. Jesus is so good how can one just sit there and not be expressing their personal relationship with him? My hands and arms fight the resistance to raise in worship. Ah but Christian culture in non-Pentecostal churches demands respecting non-Pentecostal at the expense of Pentecostals.

Personally, I am all for intimate male relationships, just not in a sexual way.

gays4jesus: DUH. . . Good to know you are socializing with peers, I guess I must have been thinking you only related sexually and only to women that they were for sex only to you and that socializing simply wasn’t right, how dumb of me, heh heh.

I am not gay,

gays4jesus: Sure glad you told me so I won’t have to hit on you, I would have never known. . .

but I believe that gay men just have a heightened need for male relationships than regular guys.

gays4jesus: How stupid! That is like saying male str8s have a heighten need for female relationships. Sorry to pop your bubble but , str8s and gays are alike. They are attracted exactly the same for the same relationship results which is loving, long term caring relationship generally called marriage. There is no mystery humans just want to be together, no one is having a heightening needs just a regular built in (God given) natural desire to be with someone.

However, I believe the world and satan has added a sexual dimention to the equation which is not Holy.

gays4jesus: Far too many Christians give satan the glory for God created normal behaviors. When did satan add this dimension? 10 yrs. ago, a 100, a 1000? Why then does history record standard everyday gays soon after the Ark settled on Ararat? There are hints to earlier and if you get into many more ancient tales from the many sources that seems to go beyond the Earth covered water before Adam. Whether things are provable or not still gives the facts that info is available telling you gays were there all the while and behaving like str8s concerning morality and immorality.

The Bible is clear on sexual immorality.

gays4jesus: If it is so clear tell me about it. Those thinking gay is sin never go into much more detail than you just did in your phrase above. There are 14 verses used by homophobes to condemn gays. There is history on how this false doctrine got started 700 some years ago. What there is not is people like you to explain what word, what phrase, or what verse has real gays that we recognize as doing like str8s. Meeting someone, dating them, falling in love with them, then marrying them. We know str8s rape and abuse their spouses and are prostitutes so why doesn’t Bible verses detailing these acts condemning all str8s? Those 14 verses describe details about acts of rape, prostitution, and ritual orgies. Why do such verse make you believe gay is sin?

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