Thursday, January 7, 2010

GOD “HER” or “HIM”

Pentecostals can be Gay too!  Comment left in a facebook page called : Pentecostals can be Gay too! based on their logo “Just ask her”

Kearro OvaenosisKearro Ovaenosis Although I like the idea of this page I do NOT like the idea that we have to make God a man or a woman, God is God and God is above that!

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John GaysforjesusJohn Gaysforjesus

Probably need to get more info concerning their logo before assuming why the "HER" is in it. Being AOG and my 37 year walk I am won't let "HER" be as much as an issue as John 3:16 is as to what it means to be Christian. The "HER" thing has a background and MCC made inclusive language important to deal with serious issues. For me I am quite happy ...See More

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