Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baker, Once gay always gay, period

It really bothers me that everyone
refers to Brant as being gay. I too was in the ministry and knew him to be the real mccoy.Wheather he USE to be gay is another matter.

It doesn't really bother me because it is a all too common feature of a homophobe type person to assume majic or something instead of facts. Here June WAS, past tense, in the ministry. This is also common and it does not mean you really know anyone. The gay person is not going to reviel every thing about their gayness to a world that hates gays in a time that it was nearly unheard of for any positive support. The 70s brought the ex-gay movement and many gays living in the consistant condemnation by their str8 brothers and sisters often hid in the closet and often stated they were delievered. This is what is good about the truth that sets people free. Decades will go by and there are those that steadfastly persue those claiming deliverance of being gay. Brant lived in a world and was in the center of Christian media leadership's control. Generally Paul Crouch controled Christian viewing in a large part in many ways. When he discovered Brant had aids he erased Brant from the Christian record. Brant did actually persue a degree of ex-gay ministry and attempted to live as such.

We have more record about Brant's last days and they were he grew less interested in what the Christian communitity thought about him and he began living a more relax and Brant oriented life style and was much the happier for it.

Now we go into the Facts about ex-gay ministries as they prove upfront you don't change and be str8 and can't live in a consistant celebate style. Ex-gay positive groups follow ex-gay a short time before they tire of it and or run out of money. Others maintain a vigil for decades finding there is no such thing as an ex-gay. There are significant detail on this I will not go into here, I just wanted to respond to June's comment "Brant may use to have been gay" If he were gay or bisexual (evidense show he was gay and not bisexual) then he would remain this way though gays can be good at closeted behavior. In the early 80s was not the time that publicly famous people would be flaunting their gayness. Once you do your homework then you can speak up and say someone used to be gay, however doing your homework will result in the truth that sets you free, you do not "used to be gay" thing at all.

Paul, was a murderer and killed christians. That is until he met JESUS. So why is every one trying to give a name to someone that can't defend themselves. What sins have you committed before you met JESUS. I have my dark secrets how about you? Or can't you find anything else to gossip about ?

Here it is appearing June assume gay is sin and is saying Brant is dead and can't come back. Comparing murder, is a common trait of homophobes, to gays is really sub human. Murder is sin and there is no way around this and no matter how to research this it is sin. Gay is not sin and the more you search the more you find proof after proof it is not sin and scarier still for the homophobe is they will discover that gays are quite the servants of God and huge numbers are indeed Christians and more still is secret and may never be told the majority of Christians concerning some aspects about God and Gays and why.

Yes we know everyone has dark secrets and sometimes it is not sin, but other times yes indeed pretty sexually immoral sins are in your dark secrets list. But Being gay is not a dark secret it is a bright secret having to be kept because even close loves will turn agains them.

Disgusting is the person that plays games about gays can change and be str8. It shows they really do love their hatred agains huge numbers of innocent people, but hey theis is a fairly common virtue Christians have. It does n ot take long to see how we quickly condemn and disown those we think are astry.

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