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Thank you for your website for gay Pentecostals.

From: Rick B.

Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2008 9:14 PM


YOU - John, Thank you for your website for gay pentecostals.

You are welcome

YOU - I am a gay pentecostal and currently attend an Assemby of God Church, but at this time nobody knows.

ME - I have attended Assemblies of God for about 35 years, probably 15 years every Sunday. Those years they did not know I was gay and they very often told me they see Jesus in me and it was common that I would be called up to the alter by the pastor of whatever AOG I was visiting. They told me God told them to call me up specifically, and then they would operate in the Spirit and say God love me so much and that I loved God. They gave many prophesies which has come to pass. This was neat because this was in front of average 1000 people in the congregations. However, once I went on TV with “Gays For Jesus” and they saw the word gay then I get instant Can’t know Jesus and I am going to hell. I think this is fabulous because it is a good cross section of how one is treated when the assumption is your are str8 and when very openly on TV they see the word gay and so a 100% opposite reaction.

YOU - But I feel God is going to greatly use the evangelical gay community to help bring The Church into unity in these last days. I believe God is calling out gay pentecostals to bring this about using the apostolic and the prophetic gifts. I attend an EC Bible Study group and I think I'm the only pentecostal there. I want execise some of the gifts, but I'm new to this group and I don't want them to think I am trying to take over or something. I know God will tell me the right time is and that time is getting close the way is moving in this study. What has God shown you on how God is using gay pentecostals? 


ME - I also have attended EC a few times and likewise though much closer to AOG than MCC, which I also spend several years, EC is not Pentecostal so as with MCC (though the founder is Four Square Pentecostal). Pentecostal gays are left out. Many gay churches have open doors to all Christian faiths and offer each a place to worship, but concerning Pentecostals it is just not acceptable to operate openly in the spiritual gifts or praises.

There are Pentecostal gay churches around, but they seem to not be in active Pentecostal operations. Meaning they stay behind their church doors not making any waves with other gay Christians let alone the Christian community at large.

For me I can see no less than world outreach. Pentecostal str8s namely AOGs made quite a dent in the world. They got TBN (though for some time I believe they are now over ran with infiltrated enemies of God. I believe once it is time gay Pentecostals will explode onto the scene.

A huge part of the Last Days is based in Pentecostal gay movement exploding off the charts. This is a long story why I believe this and I believe there is plenty Bible for it. (Beside Jesus stuffing it down my throat for 35 years). Brant Baker had a marvelous healing ministry. With Lonnie Frisbee they single handedly gave the Str8 Pentecostal movement their foundation in worshipping Jesus. Both died of aids and were erased by TBN form public record, just recently you can now read about these TWO on line. Lonnie was where “Jesus freak” came from. One entry for an entire year for history of thing at vineyard church was “Lonnie said, come Holy Spirit”. Brant Baker had about the most wonderful style of ministry and Had Kathryn Kaulman’s 300 person choir. I actually went to about 6 rallys and saw the healings. Brant loved to dress up like Kathryn. Benny Hinn copied Brant’s ministry and also hung out with Brant often. Benny gives no credit to Brant. Brant in those days (1980s) It appears thought he had to change and did go to ex-gay ministry or something, the complete details are hard to find. Later after he was banned from TBN and was well on his way to dying had a change in life and was happier because he decided he did not care what others thought about him.

So horrible that Christians can wipe a minister from record just because they found out he had aids.

Anyway Brant was a spark but to early as it was a near 100% anti gay climate then. I believe and I should say I am 100% convinced God is very close to breaking the flood gates open. For decades, God has shown be generally gay Christians will be restorers. A huge rejection of Jesus and falling away will happen and God will send gays to help str8s back to Jesus. Most Christian gays don’t have a clue that they are being trained by God to be restorers. But when you observe gay groups or whatever their cause it has a foundation of forgivance and the goal to teach and acceptance of all. Rarely you find gay groups with vengeance as a motive.

Up to now non-Pentecostal gays have made huge differences. They laid the foundation, they did the research, they got the knowledge, they did the homework, they fought the battles and so on. But Pentecostal gays felt left out, lost, hated by all, not accepted in their Pentecostal churches and not tolerated to worship as they would like in gay churches. But their spirits long for to serve God through Jesus Christ. Seems so impossible.

Very soon you will see a gay Pentecostal holding rallies like Billy Graham might hold. Everyone will know that person is gay. God will heal more people in one service than he has healed often in a year. More will come to Christ in a single speaking engagement by a Gay Pentecostal than in most other rallies.

Part of what Jesus did will be common. Jesus spoke then he healed all that came to him for healing. Something is about to happen that will bring about an explosion in gay Pentecostals. Still most think God will never do anything with Pentecostal gays. I feel it in my bones. It may be just a word from someone, a happen chance news clip then gay Pentecostals will know God will use them after all. Thought to be str8 pastors will suddenly announce they are gay. Str8 pastors will fall like rain.

Ezekiel 34is about the str8 church and how it treats gay Christians. It as much as says DAVID is an apostle to gays. It hints that Elijah of the time Jesus will soon return is gay and is apostle to gays and much more. He will go onto to be one of the TWO Witnesses. All this might be hard to swallow, but there just is way too much information hidden from common view and take decades to discover so many individuals have done tremendous research into so much. As much as gay have been persecuted will God show answered prayers for those centuries of persecution by his people to his people. God has set a time to move and not a moment sooner. He will answer those prayers in the sight of their persecutors.

Gays are a nation of 630 million people. They are mixed amongst all nations, but they are a people unto God. God has placed them to do his work in the final days. The Church said I have no need of this member of the Body of Christ and they cut them off, in 1967 God began grafting them back in 1st the Catholics then the Protestants, then the secular gays. Mostly visibly secular gays have gotten a great deal of dignity back to gays through the law. Christian gays and secular gays avoid the main issue and have no power of str8 Christians because it is a faith issue. Non- Pentecostal Christians have the courts or researching facts. Facts and courts are not faith and faith is Christianity and if Christians thinks God says then courts and facts are liars.

Pentecostal gays got an ACE up their Sleeve “The Holy Spirit” and baptism of fire. Unleash this and God will move. This is what will happen. I know God will move when I speak, I have no doubt. I know I can stand face to face with those that think gay is sin and God will move. Scary for me, but I know God will do this and so fear and I do mean fear and scared out of my wits can’t stop God so I will stand. I know the facts plus Pentecostal happens to mean you should be getting some interesting things from God over decades so Not just Bible, not just facts, not just hope, but actual first hand from God through Jesus confirmation.

Gays over all aspects and culture of life are Gatekeepers. There is a reason for this. Gays likewise in Christianity are amongst Gatekeepers. Being a Gatekeeper does not get you heaven, but is a common facet of being gay.

When the Church chose to ban gays it began to get sick and today is in death throws. The body of Christ needs its members. God has given humans provisions whether Christian or not to live well. The Church often blocks many provisions o f God. An unblocking is coming and many will turn their backs on Jesus. Gay Christians will be ready to nurse them back. Pentecostal gay Christians will step in and guide all gay Christians and many others to becoming aware of this calling most gays and others have no clue they have.

So this is what is showing me and has shown me.

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