Sunday, June 29, 2008

Prophecy and Healing


Prophecy and Healing Rallies Held in Seattle
The Stables Ministries

clip_image005Openly gay Pentecostal TV preacher invites groups, churches, Christian organizations, and other to contact him by calling (206-338-4297(GAYS), email (, chat (in yahoo “pentecostalays4jesus”), or through his website to have him come speak.

Invitation policy (invite me).

Topics include:
New Jerusalem cube or pyramid? Rapture PRE MID or POST? Is gay sin or not? Pentecostalism what about it? Are modern versions of God or satan? UFOs who are they really? Are you likely to really get your head chopped off? When is the Wrath of God? Does Moses’ blood of the doorpost and mantle have it equivalent today (Passover = Rapture)?

What makes is easy to preach to other non-Christians? Does Jesus love you personally? What does “eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard “mean? Is Heaven pie in the sky or a new job employment business? What does it mean to be the TWO Witnesses and who might they be? Does being blessed mean having lots of money? What are the Bible codes really? These are just some of the things that will be talked about…

Praise and worship demonstrated bringing you into participation, baptism in the Holy Spirit what is this? Miracles, healings and more is that for today and will it happen to you now?

This just gives you an idea what to expect when you invite me to speak at your group, church, or organization.

Currently, if you want singing, music and other normal service activities you will need to provide this which should be easy since you are a group, church, or organization. Happy to negotiate what sort of song you normally sing to match with topics. The “Invite me” link above explains pre-visit negotiations.

Part of this is I am looking for talents and expertise. Singers, musicians, organizers, webmasters, TV program editors, fundraisers, and other talents. Especially someone that has the abilities to locate, set up, and arrange meetings either one on one with pastors or full-scale Healing rallies. It is now time to make a difference.

You can contact me by the above links, please state you want to help and what area you have your talents and gifts in. Anyone can help with a love gift

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