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Assemblies of God Gays meet in West Seattle

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I have a background since Jan. 1974 in the Assemblies of God. Every once in a while I go check the barometer of Pentecostal gay groups sprouting up. It is a great need for gays that are Pentecostal to realize they do not have to go it alone. Gay church galore for both gay Catholics and gay Protestants. Even groups of these abound in home Bible studies and the like.

Pentecostal gays in much small groups and churches can be found that are not what I call mainline, meaning Assemblies of God or Four Square or off shoot Independent churches or groups. I don't mean to offend these other brands of Pentecostals like Apocalyptic and United or other fringes of the Pentecostal movement, but those are simply put not what I am talking about because their doctrines go out of bounds of the as it were mainstream Christian Doctrines.

Now Assemblies of God (or offshoots) is the major issue I have in my quest for gay Pentecostal groups. When gays4jesus in all its writings talks about Pentecostal gays they refer to Assemblies of God type Christians.

My challenge is for you gay Pentecostals to start being the Pentecostal you are claiming to be. Join a groups of Pentecostal gays or start one and grow it into a church.

I want to start a group in West Seattle call me 206-338-4297 or email me if you would like to be part of starting a group in West Seattle or your area.

Disappointing is to see the Pentecostal gay sites and actual churches mainly act as if they are a lone entity keeping safe and playing like an ordinary church. Many of their home pages tend to avoid mentioning even that they are gay. Some of those non-AOG Pentecostals will have some active involvement, but again they are not mainstream.

We as what I would call a breakaway Assemblies of God group which would be like any Independent church that has background in the Assemblies but just felt their hands were bound due to General Counsel of the AGs bylaws so they left to start their own churches.

As gays, we can just attend our AG and adjust to ignore or tolerate gay condemnation from their doctrines. You can read AG’s statement of faith and find it is exactly what you believe or you can do something. You can start your own group. Brant Baker in the late 70s and early 80s did this and was on his way to becoming an international Faith Healing ministry having already been in a couple other countries. He filled huge auditoriums and healed many. TBN found out he had aids and banned his programs and erased his named from the Christian record. Well that was then and this is now we can’t get erased or banned from the public if we chose that route.

Individually we can almost do nothing in the way of fellowshipping and having a worship service where we together can operate in the Spirit Praising God and Jesus. Yes at home in our closets we can do a lot in our prayer closets. But, no matter what we should be meeting together especially as we see that day coming of his returning to Earth. It is disgusting to be helpless in our home Assemblies of God when they so often condemn gays giving no hope.

If you do not know much about the Bible concerning gays there are so many sources of help and I have been preaching on TV about the Bible concerning gays for 25 years every week. So, finding a Pentecostal gay groups to meet with is essential for gay Pentecostals.

Many of us Assemblies of God folk know the worshipping together with many fellow Christians in a Pentecostal fashion and seeing the operations of spiritual gifs is a blessing but we can’t do this alone at home. And at church we always have the sense if they knew they would kick us out. I was told once by the then West Seattle Assemblies of God pastor that if I even blinked that he would call the police. A lesbian friend of mine was invited to a AOG alter to receive prayer from the congregation’s women. The pretense was just to pray, but when she came up they immediately surrounded her and began casting out satan in such a manner it terrified her so much she could not set her foot back in a church (later she met a Pentecostal woman who became her lover).

I was invited to a home Bible study of about 25 Pentecostal pastors of the AG type (they were str8 and normally would condemn gays). I led gay son’s of one of those pastors to Christ in a gay bar. That father tried for his whole life and could not make it happen and was so overwhelmed that finally his son accepted Jesus that he invited me to be part of the home Bible study. For one year, I went to their group. They never ever hinted anything about gay being sin, they just accepted be and we worshipped, studied and spiritual gifts operated. We can make a difference, 25 pastors lives changed to accept me just because I led one of their sons to Jesus in a gay dance bar. (late 80s).

Personally I cannot sing or play any instrument and I don’t have any gift of hospitality as it were to make a meeting run in that area of needs, My lover is pretty good at that but is not really into meetings so I can’t promise a neat cozy background stuff that makes any meeting function well in the generally setting. (don’t know if I am explaining this well heh heh).

It would be cool if to have gay Pentecostal that can sing and play music and has a gift of creating songs in the Spirit. It is a miracle if I know 2 words in any song let alone keep in tone. What I do have is plenty of time on TV preaching and I have personally dealt with over 800,000 homophobes. Spent plenty of time involved in one on one contacts with ex-gay leaders and more. Many local pastors have had face to face say to me. When I was in the closet at church pastors galore in the spirit said wonderful thing from God over me and they often confided in me when they were in tough times with board member trying to find faults or some guest speak was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing I was somehow sought out as something they could talk with. When I moved to Seattle and went on TV and pastors then saw gay in my screen name I was attacked from every angle. I was in the AOGs for 35 yrs and still consider myself a member. I’ve done a ton of research I recorded several MCC services to put on TV. I am saying this to give a little background. I am leaving tons out.

What I expect in my meetings is miracles and the move of God. My ministry is a worldwide web ministry touching every country, maybe not in a huge way YET, but I have touched people in every country and at least one person in every country has seen my TV program. I have invites from many pastors around the world to preach to crowds of 10,000 plus. I can’t go because they are basically poor and I can’t go out and buy a ticket every day either.

I will use Brant Baker again as an example, he met with a few and it did not take too long before he filled places like the Shrine auditorium in LA. He also was with Lonnie Frisbee of Vineyard churches, he was the first to be called a Jesus freak and he coined the phrase into popularity “come Holy Spirit”.

For me as a Pentecostal I can’t understand very well why there has not been a move in the Gay Pentecostal community yet. I am so dumb about starting meetings not knowing how to get to first base, but I will keep trying till Jesus comes or I die first. So I am pleading with West Seattle’s gay Pentecostal to join me let us make a difference through Jesus Christ our Lord. Let’s save the Lost and reconcile the saved.

Contact Information
Phone: 206-338-4297 (GAYS) also a fax line

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